Advantages of Trading with Blackstone Futures

Advantages of Trading with Blackstone Futures

There are so many forex traders. Many of them are established big companies with many years of experience. So how do you choose the right broker? How do you settle on the right firm what will suit your needs? If you browse the internet, you are probably going to stumble upon hundreds of brokers that promise to offer you a good deal on your investment. Don’t fall for it, it might just be a marketing gimmick. 

I will try and explain why you should choose Blackstone Futures as you forex broker. I shall highlight the numerous advantages that Blackstone Futures present and how you can benefit from them. 

It is Legitimate

You may be asking if this is another scam where people are duped into investing their hard earned money. With all honesty, Blackstone Futures is a legitimate company. 

This is an online brokerage firm based in South Africa, Blackstone Futures is affiliated with Trade Nation which is a multinational brokerage firm. It has been regulated in multiple jurisdictions include FSCA in South Africa.  

They have a substantial reach in Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia in which they are also regulated. This indicates their transparency and legitimacy. They have several years’ experience in the industry having been established in the year 2019.

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Forex Trading Ease

A good brokerage firm should provide tools and resources which enable traders execute their trades well. One should be able to learn and navigate the interface easily to be comfortable trading on the platform. 

Blackstone Futures can be rated as beginner friendly broker since they offer trading education to their customers. From basic education on how forex trading works to trading strategies, Blackstone Futures has materials for reference. The materials are available on their websites in form of weekly webinars and other readable materials. 

Once you are registered, you have an access to all the materials and can be accessed any time.

Blackstone Futures Support

Their support system exemplary. The customer support team is well informed and able to tackle any issue raised by the customer. Once you reach their helpline, they will gladly help you deal with any problem that you have.

Blackstone Futures employ multiple channels to provide support for their clients. These channels are: trading desk support, live chat system, Whatsapp, social media, email support and office phone.

Live chats are text based communication channel which are initiated by the customer on the website. An available customer care representative will respond. The customer is able to receive real time response. Whatsapp works in the same way but requires one to have a smart phone either Android of iOS

Email support requires one to send an email to an official support email address. Response is expected within 24 hours. 

You can also call their official office phone. Sometimes the line is busy and you may have to try severally before getting a representative to talk to. However, with a few attempts, you will be served.

Blackstone Futures have social media presence which you can engage a customer care expert. They also post frequently asked questions which can guide you.