Keeping track of your bets

Keeping track of your bets

With fun8888 sports betting, it is recommended that you keep your records as it goes hand in hand with money management. To track your bets in details is not something that brings any fun – but it might be if you are the type that wins quite often, but it is a recommendation if you happen to be a serious sports bettor.

You need to treat betting as an investment. If you happen to have a financial planner who is certified, then investing  your cash will expect that they keeps details of the records of the way you are going to invest. It is something that still works with sports betting also.

If you are not aware of what the bets you make and the way you are progressing, and analyzing the date on the wagers, then you are most likely going to continue making mistakes which will end up making your bankroll to deplete.

The following are some of the things that you have to keep records of, how you should keep the records, and how you should utilize the records:

Keeping the records

There are several ways that you can track the wagers which you make. You can do the old school, keeping it through use of a paper and a pen. That is a little hard in finding historical data unless you can come up with a way that is well organized which isn’t the method which is preferred.

It is possible to settle for the new old school and decide to keep data using a word processing document which might be similar to a pad and a pen and it will be hard sifting through everything if you decide that it is the method which you are going to use.

With that, you are left with two methods which are most preferred. The first one which is the cheapest will require that you have know-how and utilize a spreadsheet which is excel-type. You will require using different tabs and knowing the way of sorting the data but if you can be in a position of figuring it out, everything that you require will be in the spreadsheet.

The final option that you can use is investing in some software for recording keeping.  Unlike when it comes to the handicapping services, it is actually a great investment. A simple search on the internet of the reviews and programs of that kind might lead you to the correct one to embrace.

What you have to keep track about

Just like with your research, when you want to look at various factors when placing your wagers, with the record keep which you are going to want to do the same with the items that you track. The main rule is to ensure that you are recording each wager that you make with no exception. The following is a list of some of the factors that are pertinent that you have to always ensure that you are keeping an eye on:

  • The bets types that you are going to make – spread, three way match, over/under, parlay
  • Whom you are going to bet against/on
  • Who the road/home team were
  • Come up with notes of whatever special conditions for that match – like a player that was injured
  • The line which you bet on
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