Types Of Office for Rent Ratchada

Types Of Office for Rent Ratchada

Are you looking for a new office or thinking about extending your business. Then the Office for Rent Ratchada [เช่า ออฟฟิศ รัช ดา which is the term in Thai] services will help to find that perfect place for the office. Whether buying or renting a new office place, the team will guide you. Searching for a new office abroad can a tiring and difficult. Keeping in mind the cost factors, location, smooth running of resources and the easy way, communication is hard. Hence, before searching for the right place, look for the types of space available for rent.

Traditional Office for Rent

If you are looking for an old-style office with a vintage look. Then you can try renting the traditional office. The condition for renting this type of office is

  • The space limit is approx. 1000 sqm
  • The space will be empty; you can decorate the way you like it
  • The contract will be for three years, and you have to pay a deposit of three months

The space is near the railway line, so there won’t be any problem with communication.

Serviced Office for Rent

This type of office is just for holding meetings or conferences. The space is small, so these offices for rent are available almost everywhere. It will have 24 hours accessibility, and the entire system of managing the building will be free. The team will take the responsibility of cleaning the office every day, but the utilities will not be free. The other services will include mailing security; the team will also provide a proper reception facility. Hence if you are thinking about renting an office with no responsibility, then a service office is good.

Virtual Office for Rent

Thinking about giving services but not taking any responsibility for the whole administrative staffThen you can search for a virtual office; it will help you save some money on technology. The services include

  • Service for reception
  • A mailbox and separate meeting rooms for rent