Why You Need period underwear australia: A Guide To The Basics

Why You Need period underwear australia: A Guide To The Basics

You’ve heard us mention period underwear before, and maybe you’re wondering if it’s the newest trend. The answer is yes. Period underwear is here to stay and for good reason.

Menstrual periods can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. They can make sitting down, exercising, or even wearing certain clothes difficult. That’s why many women resort to using tampons or pads which require changing every few hours, but these options might not be an option for everyone – such as people with sensitivities to chemicals like chlorine or fragrance that are often found in pads and tampons.

What Is Period Underwear?

It’s a new kind of underwear you can wear without any worries, period underwear australia makes it possible to go about your day without the inconvenience of having to change or carry bulky pads or tampons.This new style of underwear is designed to hold a small absorbent pad in place without you having to worry about it. It’s lightweight and comfortable, but most importantly, it’s discrete.

Why You Might Need Period Underwear?

Therefore, period underwearcan be a lifesaver. All you have to do is wear them on your heaviest days and change them as needed.However, you might be wondering if they’re worth the price tag. The answer is yes!

If you were to use pads for one year (24×7), it would cost $1,888.00! With period underwear, you’ll only spend $324.00 over the same period because all you need are three pairs of underwear. And since they last longer than traditional options, they save you money in the long run too!

Another reason why you might need period underwear is for comfort. With tampons and pads, there may be some discomfort or leakage at times which can cause pain or embarrassment. Period underwear will keep everything contained so that you don’t have to worry about leaks or discomfort while exercising or otherwise being active during your period.

How ToUse Period Underwear?

Period underwear is a new option on the market that provides all-day protection for your period. It has a leak-proof lining that is like that of an adult diaper. The only difference is that the lining is made of natural fibers like cotton, hemp, or bamboo – so it’s more breathable than an adult diaper.

Most people use them as an alternative to tampons and pads during their period, but they can also be used as backup protection when engaging in physical activity or when you know you’ll be having your period during the day. Period underwear is easy to insert and remove like any other panty liner, but there’s no need to worry about changing them throughout the day because they’re designed to hold up all day long!


Period underwear is a great alternative to tampons, pads, or menstrual cups. They can be a helpful solution for those who experience heavy flow, cramping, pain, and/or heavy flow. All you have to do is wear period underwear australia and let it’s absorbent material take care of your period needs.