Types of cultivation of Hemp Light

Types of cultivation of Hemp Light

The popularity of CBD products, such as Hemp Light , with THC levels of less than 0.2 percent Cannabis (free of psychotropic effects) has only increased over time and so has the number of cannabis varieties and its consumers.

The benefits of Hemp Light Sativa are remarkable and have scientific confirmations to prove them, so the demand has increased considerably.


Faced with this need for Hemp Light and CBD-based products, the question is where is best to buy them, and for that, you will have to take into account several factors .


The Value of Hemp Light

By doing a quick search, you can find a wide variety of hemp light products and prices.

We know that the economic value of the product is a key consideration when it comes to purchasing it, but keep in mind that, as they say, “all that glitters is not gold.”

As you may already know, there is a wide variety of types of hemp light inflorescences, each with its own different characteristics, such as mouthfeel or aroma.

As a general rule, the higher the price, the better the quality of the variety you have selected.

That’s why we recommend that you try less cheap varieties at least once, so that you can check it out for yourself.

 The effects and benefits will be virtually the same, but the experience will change depending on the type of flower and cannabis cultivation.

Product quality

As we have mentioned on many occasions, there are differences between the quality of some L cannabis sativa flowers and others. So before you buy your product, remember to make sure that the Hemp Light you are choosing has all the quality standards and are approved by laboratories .

This will not only assure you that you are buying a quality product, but it will also be a safe product, beneficial to you , 100% legal and with well exposed active ingredients.

At CBD THERAPY we only work with products whose origin and quality we know and which have such standards and guarantees.

Hemp Light  inflorescences are grown legally in Italy.

This is a remarkable point because not all sellers offer these basic guarantees.

The Type of Cultivation of Hemp Light

One of the debates that has always centered around cannabis is that of Indoor vs Outdoor Hemp light flowers, and the same is happening with CBD.

Two very different types of cultivation, each with its own pros and cons.

Indoor Cultivation

Many people might directly think that indoor cultivation is much better than outdoor cultivation.

Keep in mind that we classify indoor cultivation when we refer to artificial lighting.


Indoor growing is undoubtedly a much more technical mode of cultivation, where the environment in which a plant grows can be controlled to achieve the grower’s preferred results.

It is the preferred method for medicinal purposes, since climate and light control can be achieved this way, unifying the product as much as possible; It should not be forgotten that the variability in terms of the percentage of CBD and other cannabinoids depends greatly on the medium in which it is grown.

With climate and nutritional control, both in the root support that is given and the hours of light, we will make sure that the product is homogeneous and we will always get a quality guarantee with indoor CBD hemp light.

One advantage to note is that, today, the CBD regulation is not clear and CBD flowers must have a THC content of less than 0.2% to be legal.

This is very difficult for growers to achieve, and in indoor growing it is much easier because environmental control is much more accessible.

From the consumer’s point of view, indoor may be better for the aforementioned quality assurance, as long as the grower knows what he or she is doing.

 In terms of appearance, indoor CBD Hemp Light is also known to be usually more resinous and more vividly green in color.

Outdoor Cultivation

Plants have grown in the sun all their lives, why change it ?


Many consumers prefer the typical cannabis strain grown outdoors, fertilized with bat guano or organic humus and natural water, and most importantly sun, lots of sun!

This is why outdoor cultivation is a popular method for cannabis romantics, as the environmental variability that a plant may experience should not be an impediment to obtaining excellent fruit at the end of its life cycle.

However, this does expose us to different weather conditions, undermining the harvest or goals that were set before cultivation.

We will also have more problems with pests and worms that will be attracted to Cannabis plants.