How to Submit Music and get it noticed?

How to Submit Music and get it noticed?

It is possible to make your music available for licensing in movies, TV shows, and more. Submitting music for a film will help you reach new audiences and earn profits. Many musicians are familiar with the basics of music creation, but are unaware of how to generate income from their music. Here are some tips to submit your music to movies. Let us look at these methods. These are proven methods to generate revenue for filmmakers. The first step is to make sure that your music is of the highest quality.

To increase your chances of getting a play on a blog or radio show, you can pay for premium credits. Premium credits cost less than $1 per credit, and they are discounted when you purchase more than one. Premium credits move your submission to the top of the curator’s queue and enable written feedback. Premium credits also extend the required listening time for the curator. By selecting the feedback option, you can increase the chance of getting a positive review.

The second step is to find a music blog or publication that covers your genre. This can be done by searching for similar artists. Many blogs and publications focus on mainstream artists. Check for their submission guidelines and contact information. If you find an outlet that covers your genre, try contacting them through social media. If they have a dedicated submission form, you can submit your music through them. In some cases, they have their own email and contact information.

In addition to online music submission sites, you can also submit your music to print magazines. Music magazines often have deadlines, but some magazines are more flexible than others. To submit your music to audio magazines, you need to write a bio and EPK, which you can find on their website. Additionally, the magazine will include your music in interviews. Besides print and digital publications, music blogs are also great venues for promoting new artists.

Keep in mind that the end result of publishing your music is to get it published on the internet, and the most effective technique to accomplish this objective is to incorporate it into a website. Do not attach any MP3 files, video files, or links to websites that cannot be embedded in order to accomplish this. Send the URL to your music hosted on Soundcloud or Audio Mack rather than sending it directly. You will have the maximum amount of exposure possible with this method. When you are submitting your music to a music blog, this is the most significant part of the process.


Consider the format of the competitions while choosing which ones your music should be submitted for. MP3s can be submitted to a few different awards, but some will only take MP3s. Be sure to chose prizes that reflect both your individuality and the way you listen to music. Examine the Frequently Asked Questions pages of each award before making your decision. When choosing which awards to enter, it is important to take into consideration your style because some awards require submissions in more than one category. On the other hand, you want to give some thought to submitting your songs to music journals as well as awards in general.