Numbing Cream – Get Rid Of The Pain

Numbing Cream – Get Rid Of The Pain

As the name suggests, a numbing cream does exactly what it says and makes many medical and almost all cosmetic procedures pain-free. You might be confused and don’t know whether you want to use it or not, but if you read this article, it will surely answer a lot of your questions.

The application procedure of any numbing cream is simple and easy. Though you have to remember a few crucial steps, still the basic process is not hard. The thing that you must remember is that a numbing cream can work up to two hours depending on the brand and also how you have applied it. So, if your procedure takes longer, ask your professional if you can do it through different settings.

The steps to apply are –

  1. Clean the area with soap and water so that, the skin oil with dirt gets removed completely. Shaving the area before the application will also help the cream with the penetration process. However, if you want, you can skip the shaving process.
  2. After cleaning, dry the area well and make sure that there are no water droplets present on your skin. Furthermore, your skin should not be damp as it might reduce the efficacy of the numbing cream. Pat dry and wait for a few minutes to avoid all these issues regarding the dampness.
  3. When your skin is completely dry, only then can you apply the numbing cream. Apply the first layer, wait 10 to 15 minutes and then apply a second layer. Make the 2nd layer pretty thick, so that you don’t miss any spots. Then after the application, wrap the area with anything you like, it can be plastic, your dress, or anything. This wrapping will keep the area warm and allow the cream to penetrate the skin even more.

If you follow this application procedure, then it would ensure that the numbing cream works its magic. Now, you need to know when you can use this cream so that you don’t apply it in places it won’t solve the problem.

When can you apply a numbing cream?

  1. Before getting a tattoo – this might be the most common use of numbing cream, and it has good reviews in this field. Many have used this numbing cream and reaped its benefits when getting a tattoo.
  2. Piercing – this will surely make the procedure painless, as it will take only a few seconds to pierce, but the cream can work its magic for 2 hours. Hence, if you want a painless piercing experience, going with the numbing cream will be the best idea.
  3. Laser hair removal procedure – this is a painful process that can take up to hours, but using the numbing cream can make it a lot more bearable.
  4. Normal hair removal – can also reduce the pain in this procedure.
  5. Minor sunburn – minor sunburn can seriously irritate your skin, but if you use this, it will make sure that you don’t have to suffer much.

Thus, follow the tips and tricks, and then use the numbing cream anytime you need it.