Cut Through the Nonsense and Rigmarole: Get DC Weed for Real

Cut Through the Nonsense and Rigmarole: Get DC Weed for Real

Indica vs. sativa: The difference isn't based on science.
You can depend on online gift shops that give you weed as a gift after every art supply, office supply, or school supply purchase if you’re a resident of Washington D.C., where it’s legal to get weed but the dispensaries have been prevented from setting up shop there.


The Internet yet again comes to the rescue to provide the weed user the means to get their perfectly legal fix. The lowdown on getting your stash of dc weed involves the following.


How to Get Your Perfectly Legal Weed Fix in D.C.


  • More About the Gifting Loophole: While Washington legislators have effectively stymied to the point of banning the marijuana dispensary in D.C. because they don’t want D.C. to become like L.A. for some reason, you can get weed as a “gift” after buying other things.


  • Recreational D.C. Weed in Gift Stores: There are online and offline (brick and mortar) gift stores you can visit that “gives” you weed as incentive to buy their art supplies, office supplies, or warehouse supplies if you so wish, thus making their weed dispensing legal in accordance to Initiative 71.


  • Simple and Reliable: Is it extremely silly to have to buy school supplies like glue, pencils, crayons, art paper, bond paper, and notebooks in order to get what you’re really after, which is the “free gift” of weed? Absolutely yes. It’s also absolutely legal and doesn’t require a medical ID or doctor’s prescription so many Washington citizens just went with it.


  • Initiative 71 Delivery Services: How about I71 delivery services? Go to the indicated link above to get some indica and sativa delivery brands by Internet mail order. According to our experience, acquiring D.C. weed by online delivery can range from mere days to mere hours, like you’re ordering pizza or something!


  • How Fast is the Delivery? It depends on where you’re availing of the delivery. You can buy them gift shop style in D.C. to get them immediately along with a ream of A4 paper or something. Or you can have a medical ID and order them cross-state in case you’re on the lookout for a marijuana hash strain unavailable in D.C.


  • The Legality of Online Cannabis Delivery: The ETA of most online mail order services can range from days or weeks depending on how far away it is or how legal marijuana delivery is at your state. Some states aren’t even options for some legal online dispensaries. More questionable ones deliver anywhere but at your expense and potential risk.


  • On a State-by-State Basis: Online cannabis delivery of D.C. weed can be done even if you aren’t from D.C., but with the caveat that if it’s outright illegal in your state even on the medical marijuana level, you’re liable to statewide regulations or the dispensary just won’t deliver to you at all.


  • Levels of Legality: Some D.C. services will set delivery appointments in advance so the weed becomes available to you for pickup or for a specific date at your doorstep. This depends on how legal weed is in your state or city. In D.C., it’s “gift” legal. In others, it’s medical use only.