Everything You Need To Know About Grey Market And 新股暗盤?

Everything You Need To Know About Grey Market And 新股暗盤?

The over-the-counter trading market is known as the grey market. It is usually used for pre-listing the 新股暗盤 which are yet to come to the financial market in Hong Kong. The pre-listing is done before an official announcement is made for the same and only after the market closes.  The Hong Kong stock market is accountable to the Hong Kong stock market exchange during the hours the stock market supposedly remains open.

In this article, we will be talking about the grey market and how 新股暗盤are introduced into the market through the grey market before the official release. Grey market usually doesn’t go through the Hong Kong Stock Market Exchange and the information and release of新股暗盤is done by certain brokerage platforms and firms on the internet.

Operating grey market via the trading platform on the internet

To operate the grey market on the trading platform you have an account on, you are required to updated the latest version of the client terminal and follow the below steps to get access to grey market operating.  The first step is to find the grey market stocks that are going to be listed the very next day on the trading platform and put them in the “pending listing”. The second course of action is very obvious, i.e. you will be asked to place an order followed by making the payment but not before confirming the order.

When is the grey market open and allowing investors to place orders?

Now that you are aware of where to get hold of新股暗盤before they are available on the trading exchange platform, the next information that is crucial here is the working hours of the market. In case you didn’t know, stock markets have a certain schedule during which only the market is operating and functional. Grey market too is no exception to the rule. Usually, the grey market operates from 16:15-18:30 on trading days before the official listing of a新股暗盤happens on the market exchange platform.

In the case of a half-day in the trading calendar, then the grey market is open from 14:15- 16:30. The key here is to remember that the function of the grey market depends on the actual trading market. In case of delay in the listing of new stock in the market, then grey market listing too will be delayed. Always remember that the listing on the grey market is directly depending on the listing and subsequent activities taking place in the real stock market.

Now that you happen to have enough information about the grey market and新股暗盤. It is time for you to make your move by placing an order of the brand new stocks before they are getting listed on the official trading platform. To do so you need to have an account on the grey market and a platform that allows you to do the same. Look for credibility while you happen to be selecting one for your investments.