Guide to Baccarat by Situs PKV Games

Guide to Baccarat by Situs PKV Games

According to some source, Baccarat traces its origins to 19th Century. Whereas, some sources claim that Baccarat was introduced to the French by the Italians in 15th century. Baccarat instantly became a hit when it was introduced in the US casinos and since then the casinos have been profiteering from the popularity of the game. Owing to huge popularity and thriving market of online gambling, Baccarat is also popular choice amongst the online gamers. Many trustworthy online websites, like Situs PKV Games provide a safe platform for the players to try out their luck.

What Is The Game All About?

Baccarat is a card game that can be played on Situs PKV Games. It is a card comparing game where there are two players. Out of these two players of hands, one of the players is made the banker or the dealer. There are three possible ways in which this game will possibly end;

  1. “Player” scores higher than the banker and wins.
  2. “Banker” scores higher than the player and wins.
  3. The game ends up in a tie.

In Situs PKV Games: Baccarat, the highest value card that players can posses is “9”. Cars that have pictures like, the King, Queen and Jack hold no value i.e. they are valued at “0”. All the Aces in the game are valued at “1”.

Rules For Situs PKV Games: Baccarat

Now that we have educated about the values that different cards hold and some other basics; next on syllabus for you are rules for the game. Rules for Baccarat are easy to learn and understand. If the card that you are given holds a value that is greater than 9 then, the value of that card would be the last digit. For example, if you get a 7 and an 8, the value that your card will hold is 5 (Since; 7+8=15). In case, you are served with cards that together hold a value which is less than 7 then, the banker has to give the player another card.


In Situs PKV Games: Baccarat, all the players are given 24 seconds to place their bets. It is advised that before choosing a table to play on, you enquire about the minimum bets placed on each table. This is because, in Situs PKV Games, there are tables that operate on different minimum bets.

Some prerequisites to playing Baccarat

This game is indeed pretty interesting. It is advised that all the games before playing on any table enquire about the tables about different minimum bets. This will help you in setting your target. If you are a beginner, go for a table that has small minimum bets, the profit might be small if you win but you’ll be trained well for the table with huge bets.

Knowing and understanding the rules of this game is easy but you should make youself aware about the different winning strategies and employ them during your game to secure wins.