Don’t let your messages fall into the wrong hands – Securing texts with privnote

Don’t let your messages fall into the wrong hands – Securing texts with privnote

If it’s discussing confidential work projects, sharing private photos, or conveying any message you wouldn’t want broadcasted publicly, it’s crucial to keep your texts secure. If you send an unencrypted text message, you don’t know who will receive it. With Privnote, you enhance the privacy of your messages and avoid them falling into the wrong hands.

Plain text messaging 

Standard SMS text messages have very few security protections. They’re transmitted without encryption as plain text, making it easy for anyone to intercept them. 

  1. Stingrays – devices that mimic cell towers to trick nearby phones into connecting. Once connected, stingrays access unencrypted texts.
  2. SS7 attacks – flaws in Signaling System 7, used to route texts between carriers. SS7 attacks let hackers redirect texts to their own devices. 
  3. Malware – spyware secretly installed on devices to record messages. Some malware even deletes texts immediately after spying to avoid detection.
  4. Unlocked phones – someone gaining physical access to an unlocked phone can easily read through text history. 

With all these vulnerabilities, you can’t guarantee regular texts will remain private. Deleted messages on your end don’t remove them from your carrier’s logs. The content lives on, available to anyone savvy enough to access it. 

Privnote’s solution

Privnote is an app and web service that lets you control how long your messages exist. It works by encrypting your texts into expiring, one-time access links. Whoever you share the link with open the note once to view the message. After that first view, the note deletes forever. Privnote’s expiring encryption prevents third parties from accessing your texts without consent. 

  • Custom expiration – Choose the time after a note appears, the first hour, the first week, or the first month for it to expire. The deletion timer is visible to recipients. 
  • Password protection – Add passwords recipients must enter before viewing notes. 
  • Reminder emails – Optional emails remind recipients to view notes before expiration. 
  • Plain text focus – Unlike other services, Privnote presents a simple text field. Paste in any message and go. To find out more, follow this link

Utilizing one-time links, Privnote lets you discuss sensitive topics candidly through platforms like SMS, email, and chat apps. The expiring links protect whether or not the underlying channels are secure. Privnote’s unique abilities make it suitable for many purposes, including.

  • Project discussions – Share progress updates, proprietary information, and documents through expiring notes. No sensitive details persist after viewing.
  • Sensitive conversations – Discuss any private or controversial topic without leaving a permanent record behind.
  • Sharing passwords/codes – Send login credentials or gift card redemption codes. No need to expose them indefinitely in chat logs. 
  • Questionable texts – If you receive an inappropriate text, share it as a Privnote to discuss with a confidant or report it. Don’t spread the original message.
  • Message expiration – Remove context from ongoing conversations by making each message expire after reading.

Using expiring encrypted notes ensures you’re only sharing info with intended recipients at the time you choose. It’s one of the closest things to having physical control over digital messages after sending.