What are the basic terms to know while playing slot machine games?

What are the basic terms to know while playing slot machine games?

Slot games are the most popular games around the world, and you can play these on websites like lsm99These games are simply based on the spin and win concept where you will be guessing the character that will end up under a pay line after the spin. It is better to know the following terms before playing online slots. 

Basic terms of online slots 

Progressive slots – Progressive slots are the same slot machine games that you categorize as a reel or video slots, but with an increasing prize amount. As the name suggests, there will be a constant progression in the payout amount in casinos with progressive slots. The winning amount, known as Jackpot, is the accumulation of small parts of the bets every player place on their games each time in the casino. 

Classic slots – You can consider the term classic as a synonym of traditional. Classic slots are the pioneer of the slot world, and these machines will have only three rotatable reels with up to ten symbols on them along with a single pay line. 

Coin size – You could place your bets on slot machine games only in the form of coins. So, there will be a specific amount of money you have to pay to buy a coin for a particular slot game. This amount is known as the coin size. 

Slot theme – A theme is an idea that pervades in something. In casinos, you could find slot machines representing specific themes throughout the setup. Everything you see on a slot machine would be reflecting the elements of the selected theme including the characters, music, colors, animations, and effects. Some of the popular slot themes are movies, horror, adventure, science, and some more. 

Return to player – RTP is the approximate measure of the wagered amount that a player can get back in the long-term process of playing the same slot game. It is expressed in percentage, and the maximum number will be beneficial for the player. Mostly, you would find slot games with an RTP between ninety-three and ninety-six percentages. If you are playing with a slot machine a few times and moving on to the next, you would not be getting the predicted wagered amount back as per the RTP value. You have to be consistent with a game to get the most out of it. 

Hold percentage – It is the measure of the amount of money a casino house will hold from your wagered amount. The lesser this percentage the better will be for you to play the game. Mostly, the hold percentage would range between 2% and 6%. When you are playing with a slot of 2% hold percentage, you will get 98% of your wagered money in the long run. 

Fixed Jackpot – Jackpot is a bulk prize amount assigned for the winner of a slot game. Hence, as the name suggests, a fixed Jackpot is the one that will not change over time.