Key terms that could may you understand slots

Key terms that could may you understand slots

If you have visited casinos like สล็อตออนไลน์you would have noticed slot machine games. It is vital to know some key terms as below to understand slots. 

Key terms and their meanings in slots

Pay line – If you are playing slot machine games, your objective will be to get the desired character or symbol on the reels to come under a horizontal line placed over the reels connecting one symbol from each reel. This line of indication of the winning combination in slot machines is known as the pay line. There will be a single pay line in a reel slot and nine to several hundred in a video slot. In a video slot, you would have to select the pay line to consider it as active during the spin, and there will be a bet amount to pay to make one active. 

Jackpot – If you play progressive slot games, your winning amount will not be constant. Slot casinos that offer progressive games will have a Jackpot (winning amount) that will be ever-increasing. All the slot machines in that particular casino will have a connection between them. Once a player joins in any of these machines, a part of his betting amount will move to this Jackpot, making it bigger until a player wins it over. You will usually win a lot of amount in the progressive slot if luck is on your side. 

Slot theme – In modern slot machines, you will find a correlation between the various elements of the game. If you see the characters represented on the reels, you will remember or connect with something that is popular outside of the casino world. Also, the music playing in the background will match the mood of the setup, along with the animation and other effects. If any of these is representing a horror element, then everything else will support it. Hence, these slots are known as themed slots as they are in the same zone. Slot themes are used to attract players based on their interests in other elements out of the casino. 

243 ways – If you can win the payout in a slot machine game even by getting the guessed combination of characters on adjacent places of the reels, you are playing a 243 ways variation of the game. 

3D video slots – If you can feel the realism of playing slot machine games even on the videos, you are playing 3D video slots with realistic effects. 

Active pay line – As said earlier, an active pay line is one among those several pay-lines on the video slot machine that will indicate the winning combination. A player should place a separate bet to make a pay line active. 

Bet – If you want to play a slot machine game, you would have to place some money in the form of coins in the slots. This amount is known as a bet. 
Loose slots – Slots with maximum payout percentages are known as loose slots.