Why You Should Consider Online Donation Israel?

Why You Should Consider Online Donation Israel?

According to a National Insurance Institute estimate, 1.8 million Israelis live in poverty, with half of them being children. Almost 143,000 people have just been added to the list of families facing food insecurity and financial hardship as a result of the pandemic outbreak. Unfortunately, poverty does not stop at hunger; it also brings with it melancholy, pessimism, isolation, emotional and physical stress.

Donating to Meir Panim can support families, children, and lone IDF troops. Your donation will be used to make and deliver food packages to those in need. During Shabbat and holiday seasons, we offer special food packages containing essential food essentials so that no one feels alone or forgotten. It may help people feel better about life for a short time, but they, like everyone else, may eat a full, excellent meal on special occasions. Be a part of this great online donation Israel now. 

Supporting Israel’s Next Generation Through Online Donation 

Meir Panim can assure you that your contributions to Israel will be handled with the highest care and expertise. Families, children, and lone IDF warriors can benefit from donations to Meir Panim. Your donations will go towards creating and delivering food packages to individuals in need. We offer unique food packages with vital food needs during Shabbat and holiday seasons so that no one feels alone or forgotten. It may temporarily improve people’s moods, but they, like everyone else, are free to enjoy a full, delicious dinner on special occasions.

Want To Donate To Israel Online?

Anyone interested in assisting the Jewish community or Israeli citizens can make a donation through our website. The procedure for making an online donation to Israel is simple and secure. You can donate as much as you want from the comfort of your own home.