Factors determining the effect of asbestos on your health

Factors determining the effect of asbestos on your health

People get exposed to asbestos in a number of ways other than repairing or demolishing their buildings. The people working in asbestos intensive environments like installation jobs, factories and mines stand the highest chances of being exposed and contracting asbestos related diseases which are very costly to treat if not terminal for many. This is the reason home owners are advised to involve experts in their renovation plans in case the building they are working on was built before the year 2000. While exposure to asbestos can be dangerous, there are a number of factors which determine the degree of danger one can be in after the exposure.

Length of time one has been exposed

The duration of time that you have been directly exposed to asbestos fibers can be the reason you face severe repercussions. A person exposed to asbestos is in their piping or flooring will not be as affected as the employees working in asbestos mines and factories.it is not safe to say there are safe levels of exposure however the longer you are exposed the more damage your body takes from the same and that makes it even harder to bounce back regardless of the treatment that you get. This is the reason you should do constant https://asbestos-surveys.org.uk  whenever you suspect your home to be contaminated before taking the necessary steps.

Are you a smoker or non-smoker?

It is evident that asbestosis and other asbestos related illnesses hit you harder when you are a smoker than a non-smoker. Chances of developing lung cancer are much higher when you are a regular smoker and get regular exposure to asbestos components in your daily life. The best chance you have of alleviating the lung cancer from deteriorating is stopping your smoking habit while seeking the mist worthwhile treatment plans. A non-smoker with asbestosis could besides have a better chance at asbestos treatment than a regular smoker with the same conditions.

Your age

The most vulnerable age groups when it comes to asbestos exposure are children. The lungs and respiratory system of children are not built to tackle conditions like lung cancer and thus this increases the fatality rate in children that have the condition in comparison to adults. In this case the children of workers that deal with asbestos regularly can get the substance in their system from the clothes of their parents. This is actually the reason schools go through extreme lengths to make sure children are protected from being exposed to such dangerous substances that could cause life threatening diseases.

Prevailing ailments

The impact of asbestos infections can be harder on you should you have a weak immune system. It can be tragic for a person with conditions like HIV & Aids to survive such diseases because of their weakened immunities. The healthier you are, the better chances of success you could have however it is all dependent on whether you take up treatment early enough or wait until when it is too late before you can start looking for health solutions.

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