Important Ways Not Make A Mistake You In Boots

Important Ways Not Make A Mistake You In Boots

Wearing the proper boots like lightweight safety shoes (รองเท้า เซฟตี้ เบา สบาย which is the term in Thai) can make all the difference in your adventure. It is very common for people to choose Inappropriate models for the specific activity they are going to perform or opt for the wrong size. The result of a simple mistake like that can compromise the entire trip. Here are things you should know:

Know Your Size Well

Some models may dress differently on foot, even if they are the same size. The shape of the boot, the upper, and the toe cap greatly influence comfort. So put on the boot and make sure it fits all over your foot. Some people advise buying a larger number, but this is not always necessary. Just as tight boots will cause you blisters and enormous discomfort, large boots will also cause you the same kinds of problems. Ideally, the distance between your toes and the toe cap is just enough for your foot to stay fixed in the boot at all times.

This will prevent friction during the steps and, consequently, will also prevent bubbles. Remember that after many hours of walking, it is common for the feet to become more swollen. Consider this when purchasing. A good suggestion to “solve” this problem is to try the boot at night when the feet are naturally swollen. That way, you will have a better reference on the proper size and comfort.

Wear the right sock (especially when trying on the boot)

If choosing the right boot is essential, having the right sock is essential. Never use models made with cotton fibers as they tend to absorb sweat and take a long time to dry. This moisture in the foot will cause discomfort, blisters, and a bad smell.

Our suggestion is to opt for specific models for trekking and hiking made of merino wool (click here to find out more about socks). There are options with different weights. So, when choosing the boot, also choose the sock you will wear. That way, you can try to bot them together to make sure the boot size is correct.