Is It Good to Take Loans Against Your Car?

Is It Good to Take Loans Against Your Car?

Customers might be provided to 85% on the Car pledge [จํานํารถ, which is the term in Thai] yet the valuation depends on the financial institution. The appraisal depends on the vehicle.

  • Vehicle’s age,
  • Condition, and
  • the depreciation value that raises with the vehicle’s age to become the existing worth.

Thus, professionals avoid taking a car loan against old automobiles as the worth of the financing will be restricted to the worth of the automobile.

In the case of a top-up car loan, the quantity paid out is connected to how much of the continuous funding has been paid back by the customer. While financial institutes offer greater top-up amounts if the number of equated regular monthly installments paid is high, financial institution subtracts the amount due on existing automobile loan clients and then disburses the new finance; rather like a re-financed loan.

One cannot offer the vehicle against which funding is taken. The lien is marked on the consumer’s certification of registration, essential docudrama evidence of possession, at the regional transportation workplace. This would restrict the sale of the vehicle up until the hypothecation is removed. One needs to get a no-objection certification from the financial institution and provide it to the vehicle registration office before proceeding to do so.

Even an individual availing top-up finance in the fifth year of his existing car money lending will have to wait an additional three years before s/he can offer her/his auto. Three years is the maximum term for such top-ups. It would work best if you avail of the top-up while still in the early component of the vehicle finance funding.


For those seeking fast money, there are alternatives. Nevertheless, the rates for fundings versus home, 12 to 15%, as well as shares as much as Rs 10 lakh, 11 to 16% might be about the same that you need to spend for the car loan versus your automobile.

But the point is debtor’s credit rating is not an essential aspect when choosing finance against gold, blue-chip shares, and home, since the securities have higher worth.

To learn more on Car pledge Ramintra [รับจำนำรถ รามอินทรา, which is the term in Thai], please visit the link.