An Introduction To Lithium Marine Batteries

An Introduction To Lithium Marine Batteries

There are various reasons to choose Lithium Marine Batteries because they are so good. These batteries are more sufficient in comparison with other lead acid batteries. They also weigh less and last ten times longer than the others. They are great options for application in marine because of these various reasons.

Reasons to choose Lithium Marine Batteries over the others

How much fancy a boat may be, every ship has its weight limits. Everyone knows that a reduction in the weight of the boat can do wonders for its performance. These Lithium Marine Batteries weigh significantly less, and the importance of these batteries is half compared to the other lead acid batteries with the same capacity. Most batteries come with a BMS (Battery Management System) to avoid damage.

The charge-discharge cycle of a deep-cycle lead-acid marine battery is about 500 to 1000 times. On the other hand, the life cycle of Lithium Marine Batteries is 3000 to 5000 cycles. Also, how long the battery will work perfectly is based on how well the battery is maintained. The durability and performance can be maximized efficiently with frequent maintenance. These batteries are completely sealed, so some water or moisture won’t affect the batteries.

Most lead acid batteries, when discharged at less than 50% of their capacity, are damaged to the extent that the life of the battery gets shortened. But in the case of Lithium Marine Batteries, the batteries can easily handle a drain of upto 80%. Even if the batteries are discharged completely, there are very few chances of damage to the battery. Also, one great thing about Lithium Marine Batteriesis that they provide excellent power storage. Most of the time, the user may only need to use half of the battery as it will be enough to provide almost double the capacity.

Whenever we use half the number of batteries, it will weigh half of a lead acid battery which directly reduces the weight by four times. The Lithium Marine Batteries are expensive in comparison with the other lead acid batteries. Still, they are worth the price as these batteries are made to last up to five times longer than their other equivalents. Lithium Marine Batteriesare much more cost-effective in the long run. The reason behind this is these batteries’ high efficiency and extended lifespan. Also, it is essential to keep in mind that we only used half of a Lithium Marine Batteries.

Most Lithium Marine Batteriesare designed to fit easily in the battery bank like any standard lead acid battery; thus, they work just fine as a drop-in replacement. Sometimes there is also a need for some additional components to finish the installation process. To get the most out of  Lithium Marine Batteries,it is essential to upgrade them frequently. These upgrades also depend on the usage of the batteries and the applications in which the battery is used. These batteries are also a suitable option for boat and marine uses.